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7 December 2023

A Book I Love: Survival, A Thematic Guide to Canadian Literature

Mariana Siracusa of @spazioprojects – a bookstore, gallery and independent platform for critical reflection, speculation and discussion about architecture, both analogue and digital – has chosen Margaret Atwood’s provocative book, Survival, A Thematic Guide to Canadian Architecture as her beloved text for discussion.

Add NewAs we delve into how we develop, through literature and writing, a sense of ‘being here’ together, we will be joined by Canadian-British architect Adam Caruso and Federico Tranfa, architect and editor at Casabella magazine.

Each episode of A Book I Love (A-B-I-L) is a conversation around a book that is special to one of the speakers. It is a companion text, in the words of Sara Ahmed, that in some way or another intersects with an idea of architecture.

We will be recording the discussion at her analogue space in Milan – members of Tisch Zwei Verein are welcome to join us.


Mariana Siracusa