conversation for members lunchtime event
13 July 2023

summer lunchtime conversations #1

On Thursday 13 July, Tisch Zwei held the first summer lunchtime conversation at our headquarters in Dorfstrasse, Ennenda.

In this convivial setting, we investigated and redefined the meanings of words that describe and organise our world. We also reflected on what these words mean in different languages – starting with German, French and English before moving on to other languages  brought to the table. After lunch, discussion continued around the topic of publishing and dissemination.

Some outcomes of the conversation are published on womenwritingarchitecture.org. Participants in the group Ennenda Lunchtime Workshop, July 2023: Anne Hutzsch, Sol Perez Martinez in absentia, Clara Louise Richard, Ella Eßlinger, Emilie Appercé, Helen Thomas

Anne Hultzsch

Sol Perez Martinez